Toporzel bracelet by Stanislaw Szukalski (gold)


Gold-plated bracelet from the “Toporzel” collection, inspired by Stanislaw Szukalski’s art. The “Toporzel” emblem was designed by Stanislaw Szukalski in 1935 as a symbol of a newly reborn Poland. Its seemingly simple form of ax crossed with an eagle is, in reality, loaded with symbolism and meaning. Proposed by the artist in the interwar period reflected perfectly the spirit of this time.

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Made of bronze, in order to honor the millenniums-long artistic tradition of bronze sculpture, this bracelet is a small work of art, gold-plated to add another layer of elegance to this exquisite object.

Dimensions: 21 mm width x 27 mm height.

Suspended on a black cord max. 25 cm long with adjustment.

Collection “Toporzel” by Stanislaw Szukalski designed for the Galerie Roi Doré. Manufactured in Paris.

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