Métroanonymus collection by Artur Majka

Say hello to Joseph, William, Noah, Inès, Jade, and many more… Our pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings all have names of people you can meet every day on the streets of Paris, in its busy cafés, in the underground – because this beautiful collection is inspired by real people whom Artur Majka, the artist and jewelry designer, met on the streets of the French capital.

The Métroanonymus collection is a fruit of cooperation between our brand and Artur Majka, one of the most interesting contemporary artists. Graduate of the Cracow Polytechnic School in architecture and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he lives in Paris since 1992. His versatile training is reflected in his art, both through the use of different techniques including acrylic painting, photography (among many others), and by the diversity of his professional experiences. Indeed, Artur Majka is not only a painter and photographer, but he also works as a graphic designer. Simultaneously, the artist remains faithful to his education: no matter the technique he uses, the line is always the basis of the composition of all his works. It is both the starting point and an integral part of the result. This is also perfectly visible in the Métroanonymus collection he designed himself elegant necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are composed of delicate lines, quickly but efficiently sketching human figures in different poses.

The Métroanonymus collection, just as many of Majka’s drawings and paintings, was born out of his observation of the surrounding world. The artist loves observing life going on around him busy Parisian streets, cafés, underground. And while he observes, he also sketches quick portraits, almost like a note-taking. Those sketches serve him as an inspiration for his art from painting, through spatial constructions to jewelry.

The Métroanonymus collection, with its sophisticated lines, contemporary design, and original forms, is a worthy successor to the long history of jewelry designed by some of the most famous artists.

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