Magic Square pendant by Albrecht Dürer (black ruthenium)


Black ruthenium-plated pendant from the “Magic Square” collection, inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s famous engraving “Melencolia I” (1514). In Dürer’s work, there are many mysterious symbols, but none is more enigmatic and full of possible meanings than the famous magic square with magic constant 34. The sum 34 can be found in the rows, columns, diagonals, each of the quadrants, the center four squares, the corner squares… There are almost 90 different combinations of four numbers in the Dürer’s square that sum to 34!

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Made of bronze, in order to honor the millenniums-long artistic tradition of bronze sculpture, this pendant is a small work of art, covered in black ruthenium to add another layer of elegance to this exquisite object.

Dimensions of the square: 23 x 23 mm.

Suspended either on a 45 cm long chain or on a 45 cm long black cord plus adjustment chain 4,5 cm in silver color. Available in three variants: gold-plated, covered in white bronze, or black ruthenium.

Collection “Magic Square” by Albrecht Dürer designed for the Galerie Roi Doré. Manufactured in Paris.

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