Métroanonymus pendant Elena


Pendant in the form of a moving person. Designed by a Polish-French artist Artur Majka and inspired by his own artworks, which in turn are inspired by his observation of the world around him and the people he encounters on the Parisian streets, in the cafes, or on the underground. The delicate, elegant lines of the jewelry are also those of his drawings and paintings since the line is the basis of the composition of all his works. It is both the starting point and an integral part of the result, also – or perhaps above all – in the works that are at the limits between figuration and abstraction.

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Dimensions of the pendant: around 20 mm (height) x 10 mm (width). Gold-plated and suspended on a gold-plated chain (50 cm).

Collection “Métroanonymus” designed by Artur Majka for the Galerie Roi Doré. Manufactured in Paris.

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