Je suis Charlie pendant by Michal Batory


Bronze pendant from “Je suis Charlie” collection, inspired by a poster, created by Michal Batory in reaction to the terrorist attack perpetrated on January 15th, 2015 against the Charlie Hebdo magazine, famous for its satirical drawings. This collection is an homage to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, but also to all those who stand every day against the darkness that threatens our world – against violence, discrimination, bigotry, hate. But it is also a message of hope, that ultimately, the good – art, culture, intelligence – will triumph over the evil – violence, and hate.

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Made of bronze, in order to honor the millennium-long artistic tradition of bronze sculpture, this pendant is a small work of art, black ruthenium-plated to add another layer of elegance to this exquisite object. It is also gold-plated (the bullet), black ruthenium-plated (the pencil) with a black Swarovski crystal at the end of the pencil. Available in a limited quantity.

Dimensions of the cross: 35 x 22 mm.

Sold either with the 50 cm long chain or with a 45 cm long black cord plus adjustment chain 4,5 cm in silver color.

Collection “Je suis Charlie” by Michal Batory designed for the Galerie Roi Doré. Manufactured in Paris.

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