Three matches earrings – Paris by night


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Gold-plated earrings from the “Three matches” collection, inspired by Jacques Prévert’s poem “Paris at night”. This poem, beautiful, with a mysterious and ambiguous meaning, became also a source of inspiration for other renowned artists, such as Yves Montand or Marek Piekarczyk, whose famous “Three matches” song is one of the most beautiful rock ballads ever sung. Therefore, this jewelry is a tribute to different forms of art, which keep constantly inspiring each other.

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Made of bronze, in order to honor the millennia-long artistic tradition of bronze sculpture, those earrings are a small work of art, gold-plated and enameled to add another layer of elegance to this exquisite object.

Available in three variants of enamel: red, blue, and black. The matches are handmade and emulate perfectly true matches. Therefore, each match is different and they might contain differences in shape and color.

Collection “Three matches” was designed for the Galerie Roi Doré. The name of Marek Pierkarczyk was used with the artist’s consent. Manufactured in Paris.

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