Welcome to our new website! Many of you know us already, but for those of you who just discovered our existence we are a fantasy jewelry manufacturer, dedicated to creating original, art-inspired jewelry. Our unique, artistic jewelry is either designed by the contemporary artists – working with the brand and carefully chosen by our partner, the Galerie Roi Doré for the quality of their artistic work – or inspired by the best artists of all time. You can discover more about us and our collections exploring our new, beautiful (yes, we are very proud of it!) website.

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We also invite you to explore our Facebook and Instagram, where you will find news, exclusive content, and quite often contests and/or information about discounts and special offers. And on this blog, we will share more about ourselves, present to you our sources of inspiration, contemporary artists with whom we work, or old master whose work inspired us. But we would also like to invite you on a journey through the history of art and of jewelry, sharing with you our love of both. Stay tuned!